Mental Health Business Support for you and your staff

In the aftermath of the global pandemic, mental health challenges are on the rise, and at some point, if not already, it is likely that this will affect your business. Whether your staff is working from home or at the office, you hope that they can cope well with life changes and subsequent challenges. And, of course, they are as productive as they can be.

KvLS Mental Health Support offers tailored Counselling, Mental Health and Wellbeing Support Services to small organisations (SMEs) up to 100 employees to improve overall wellbeing at work, including attendance, productivity, and staff retention.

Mental health problems are a part of life for many; we believe that everyone has the right to mental health services and expert treatment. For some, this is available in their local community or physical health club; however, we endeavour to offer this to all in the workforce. We have developed psychological interventions for stress disorders, depression, and anxiety to create an overall rating of your mental health difficulties at work, offering healthy coping mechanisms and strategies for long-term mental health self-support. 

Many assume that only young people can suffer from mental health problems. Adolescent mental health service is essential; however, we believe that mental health is a frequently overlooked aspect in the workplace. We do all we can to provide a safe space for anyone at your organisation suffering from a mental health crisis or other mental health issues to receive support.

According to the Health & Safety Executive, one in four people in the UK will have a mental health issue at some point. When you employ staff, you (your business) have the legal obligation to ensure the health and safety of your employees at work and to provide a safe working environment. This includes their physical and mental health wellbeing – this falls under the laws of the Equality Act 2010 (source).

As an employer who cares about their people and wanting them to be well, you would encourage them to find needed help and you can offer them a helping hand by referring them onto us for that much needed support.

Overall, the people we support can cope with life well but have encountered challenging situations whereby they could benefit from temporary counselling/coaching support. Their emotional reactions to these situations could spill over into the workplace, influence the people and the work around them and/or they could go off sick.

You, as a small business owner, would of course encourage and enable your staff to be as healthy as possible and with regards to Mental Health, that is where we come in – getting everyone back on track. We are the external support and part of your team.

Our Mission & Vision

At KvLS Mental Health Support, we provide tailored counselling services and mental health support for small organisations (up to 100 employees) to improve overall work wellbeing, including attendance, productivity, and staff retention.

Our vision is based on our commitment to long term mental health solutions; for you and your staff to cope and deal with the stresses of life, with support from us, so you can get on with what you do.

We are part of your team!

Our tree of life symbolises your personal development, uniqueness, and individual beauty. Just as the branches of a tree strengthen and grow upwards towards the sun, we all grow more robust, strive for more excellent (self) knowledge, wisdom, and new experiences as we move through life. Like the roots, we are firmly grounded, part of our environment, and sharing nutrition. 

More about our EAP (Employee Assistance Program)

After more than 20 years experience in Business Support, Human Resources, Customer Service, Life Coaching, Private Practice Counselling and Counselling Supervision , we combined all expertise and skills, and the EAP was born!

Our Employee Assistance Program has been up and running for nearly three years. An EAP is a business to business service. Our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) offers counselling and mental health support for small businesses (SMEs) - up to 100 employees. 

Unlike many other EAPs we work in a consultative role with you and your managers and/or supervisors to address employee and organisational challenges and needs. Your monthly Management Support Call is included in the annual retainer. Of course, if you need more or other support, please let us know and we will tailor this to your business needs.

Unlike many other EAPs, we are not focussed on ‘Big Business’; asking for a huge annual retainer, while brokering low cost contracts with counsellors. With our very competitively priced annual retainer and our ‘Pay As You Go’ coaching/counselling session fees, we want to ensure that you and your staff are getting a personal, remarkable service and long-term mental health solutions!

We do offer a free and confidential assessment for every staff member who has personal and/or work-related issues they would like to work through. When we have assessed their support needs, we will assign one of our Approved Associates (mental health therapists) and they will set up coaching/counselling sessions with your staff, as per agreement.

KvLS Counsellors & Coaches

Our counsellors and coaches (Approved Associates) are all exceptionally qualified and experienced in working with high functioning people. They all are Enhanced DBS approved – checked annually, members of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy or equivalent, adhering to the BACPs Ethical Framework. They all have monthly mandatory clinical supervision, are fully insured and offer a choice of face to face, phone and online sessions.

Your Annual Retainer

Included in your annual retainer: 

To help with your cashflow, we require you to set up a monthly direct debit and any additional services fees will be added as and when your staff makes use of our services. 

Our EAP Support Services

Stress Management

When someone phones in sick and takes time off due to stress, we will call them during business hours and perform a Stress Assessment to ascertain the severity and likely duration they will be off work. They will be offered a counselling / coaching session within 5 working days.

To encourage them to go back to work, timely and safely, we offer up to two counselling / coaching sessions a week, depending on the severity. Duration of our support is between six and twelve weeks. Each session is up to 50 minutes and takes place online via a secure platform, by phone or when available in person.

Change Management

This service is for people who are having difficulty with change at work. This could be people who have been off sick for a while or coming back from maternity leave and are back at work in their previous role. Or for people whose role or team has changed, or people who find it hard to cope with change at work in general. We offer a combination of coaching and counselling; starting with a ‘Resistance to Change’ Assessment, followed by finding out where the resistance comes from and if they are capable and willing to actively do something about this. In the following sessions we work on acceptance, mental flexibility, and agility.

Coping with Anxiety (or Burn-Out Prevention)

This service is for people with medium to high anxiety levels which interferes with their daily living. They may or may not be at work and ideally, they have been to see their GP who has recommended medication and / or counselling. We offer counselling sessions whereby we assess progress weekly. During these sessions, our aim is to get them back to functioning well within their environment and their place of work, whereby we focus on Self Care and Inner Support mechanisms. 

Living with Depression

This service is for people who are going through a depressive episode. They may or may not be at work and ideally, they have been to see their GP who has recommended medication and / or counselling. We offer counselling sessions whereby we assess progress weekly. During these sessions, our aim is to get them back to functioning well within their environment and their place of work, whereby we focus on Self Care and Inner Support mechanisms.

Anger Management

This service is for people who are having anger issues, either regularly implode or explode and finding it hard to communicate / be understood. We offer a combination of coaching and counselling; starting with an ‘Anger’ Assessment, followed by finding out where the anger comes from and if they are willing to actively do something about this. In the following sessions we work on acceptance, tweaking habitual behaviour, mental flexibility, and agility.

Bereavement Support

This service is for people who have experienced loss and bereavement. Grieving is a natural process and unique to the individual. There is also no set time for this process. Most people benefit from talking things through with a therapist, who is specifically trained in bereavement.

Return to Work Support

When one of your staff gets signed off by their GP with Stress and / or Burn Out, we offer a Return to Work Support package: We contact your staff member within 48 hours of being signed off, set up support calls / coaching in person for the duration of the sick note to encourage and enable the staff member to return to work as soon as healthily possible.

Non Managerial Supervision / Reflective Practice

This is external support provided to front line workers in the helping professions, enabling them to manage the emotional elements and demands of the role. Non-Managerial Supervision is intended to give your front line staff the opportunity to talk through practical and emotional issues, which arise within their role relating to service users and the provision of high-quality advice and support. We offer your staff a confidential space, where we will talk through their general wellbeing at work, psychological, physical and social risk factors, emotional resourcing and resilience.

Critical Incident Stress Debriefing

Critical Incident Stress Debriefing is an effective process to help normalise the often overwhelming psychological and emotional responses to minor, moderate and severe critical incidents. If you have staff or volunteers who have been through a crisis or traumatic experience, they may feel anxious, angry, scared, or even guilty. They might have trouble with sleep or start to lose focus with their work or become physically ill. A critical incident debrief can help them recover, rebuild confidence, reduce stress, and help with getting back to work.


Our counselling / coaching sessions are £75 per session. Cancellations within 48 hours and missed sessions will be charged at full fee and can only get replaced with your consent.

1 - 25 Employees

26 - 50 Employees

51 - 75 Employees

76 - 100 Employees

Information for Employees

We are aware that that life is not always simple. It's not that you can't get past your obstacles, but right now it's all a little too much! Additionally, since your friends, family, and coworkers are all going through difficult times, you really don't want to add to their load!

Thus, we would advise you to seize the chance your company presents you with to speak with someone in confidence in order to help you overcome that challenge and subsequently assist you in getting back on track!

The type of support we are offering is a combination of counselling and coaching, in person, by phone or online with a qualified therapist, and is Solution Focussed. That means, together we will be looking for long-term solutions, instead of solving ‘a problem’. We will not tell you what to do, we believe you have the answers within you. Although, we might ask you to take action at some point. And you are not going to be ‘in therapy’ forever… Our support is time-limited, usually six sessions, so you can get on with living a full and meaningful life.

You can do this! And we are here: part of your team!